What’s new in Laravel 9 and why do you need to switch from version 8 to 9?  


Laravel is an open-source framework based on PHP and advanced PHP frameworks. Laravel’s new version, Laravel 9, is now available. This new version was released on February 8th, 2022. Before releasing Laravel 9, the creators released three previous versions: Laravel 8, Laravel 7, and Laravel 6. Laravel is widely used to create object-oriented, MVC-based web apps with high performance.

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Why Laravel :

Here we will describe some exciting features of the Laravel framework that explain why it is gaining so much popularity.

  1. MVC support and object-oriented approach
  2. Built-in authentication and authorization
  3. Packaging system
  4. Multiple file system
  5. Artisan Console
  6. Eloquent ORM
  7. Templating engine
  8. Task scheduling
  9. Web socket programming
  10. Testing

Why Laravel is better than CodeIgniter :

1. Laravel framework contains an autoloading feature that can load itself mechanically, and it does not require any human intervention.

2. It comprises modular packaging with the composer-based dependency manager.

3. It supports database management system (DBMS) platforms like SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and My SQL.

4. Laravel presents a version control system that aids with the streamlined organization of migrations.

5. This framework has an abundant documentation trait.

6. Laravel facilitates Artisan command alongside a sample code line interface.

7. It can produce numerous novel tools with the aid of the LOC container.

8. It also accelerates the Eloquent ORM, an innovative Active Record execution for functioning on DB.

9. There are several enterprises in the field that have utilized Laravel for their full-featured web application development.

10. Laravel lets you apply the controls between several DBM matters in a progressive query builder authentication mechanism.

What’s New :

Laravel 9 is now available, and if you’re curious to know what the new features of Laravel 9 are, here’s a quick list.

  1. Laravel utilizes a variety of community-driven projects as well as approximately nine Symfony libraries. Symfony, on the other hand, plans to release version 6.0 in November 2021.
  2. Minimum PHP requirement. Laravel 9 requires the latest PHP 8 and PHPUnit 8 for testing because Laravel 9 uses the latest Symfony v6.0 which requires PHP 8.
  3. Laravel 9 introduces a new Query Builder Interface to make development easier.
  4. There is a new design for routes: In Laravel 9, a list is provided, which was much needed as in previous versions.
  5. Anonymous Stub Migrations are kept as default in the latest version.
  6. Laravel 9 has switched from SwiftMailer to Symfony Mailer, bringing more consistency to your application.
  7. Laravel 9 provided a default HTTP client timeout of 30 seconds. This step helps avoid crashes in the older version.
  8. Laravel 9 offers long-term support, similar to Laravel 6. Laravel 9 offers the longest support and maintenance guide. You get two years of support for bug fixes, which runs until February 2024. For security support, it’s three years. which will last until 2025.

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