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Mandvi Nagar Palika - Smart City


The Problem

Solution Proposal

Project Overview

Next Steps

The Problem

Problem Statement

Hectic paper process

Lack of user information

Less authenticate process

Track the information of issuers and receivers

Solution Proposal

Solution description

Through digital technology, we are committed to providing a paper-less and transparent process. The government will provide a total of 51 services through digital platforms in 8,000 villages by the end of December 2020. Out these, 35 services have already started.

Why it’s better than existing solutions

We will have details of residents’ AADHAR card, ration card, election card and their photos in the Citizen Smart Cards with their consent. The data is being stored in the central government’s digital locker. Once the data ready, citizens will just have to carry the smart card for availing various civic services like income certificate, BPL certificate among others.

Project Overview

Admin Login Form

Component Detail

List of users

They are government employees and their job to collect citizen information like Aadhar card, Voter ID Card, Ration Card etc. For the data entry they will have government authorized device provided by government.


● This app is only for government employees
● Employee will login from government authorized devices.
● For the first time user it won’t allow you to login. For the first attempt device will be register on server with pending status. How it will active mention in next slide.
● After approval of device it will be logged in.

Device Based Authentication Module

We will get device requests here. Admin will approve these device request and then user can do login through mobile applicaiton.


List of kutumbs ( Head of the family). Every family will get auto generated unique family number.

Create Kutumb

New Kutumb : Head of Family

● Authorized Government employee will add data from the device which will be provided by government.
● They can upload live data and information about head of family and it’s members.
● For data verification system need two way verification.
● It will ask OTP from the member and Government Employee if both OTP match then data will be approved and saved on server and employee can not edit that approved entry.

Create Kutumbs

Family data can be enter from the web. If you want to enter paper data then you can use this web backend.

Income Certificate Request

Issue new income certificate for citizen. Citizen will come to government office and they will keep their smart family card so government can find data of citizen and make certificate request.

Income Certificate Request Verification

Citizen will get otp for the request what he/she asked for. After OTP verification request will be in process.

Certificate Request

Request will be made here. After request approval citizen will get their requested certificate.

Income Certificate

After approval of certificate request this certificate will be generated and it will be printable.

Next Steps

What next?

➔ Creating the module to generate or create certificate dynamically and in multi language.
➔ Send OTP based link for missing or remaining information.
➔ Making more compatible and reliable process.
➔ Making more user friendly platform which solve all the future problem.
➔ SMS based auto greetings.

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